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Thank you for choosing Cocktails and Vibes for your cocktail and/or mocktail masterclass and games session

Our packages consists of a cocktail or mocktail masterclass and a fun games session best suited for birthdays, hen nights, social gatherings and any other occasion for a minimum of 10 people and maximum of 15 people. Within a group you can make cocktails and/or mocktails. We want to give the opportunity to those who love a good cocktail or mocktail, not only the chance to enjoy it but to also learn how to make it themselves. Simultaneously catering to those who love games nights so they can take part in the fun!


The Tea Bowl:

Each team member must write down a random fact about themselves, fold it up and put it in the fishbowl. Each person will have to pick a fact from the bowl and guess who it belongs. If they guess right then the person that the fact belongs to must take a shot. If they guess incorrectly they must take a shot.

Drinking Olympics:

A mini home friendly obstacle course with a twist. Each team must complete the obstacle course to win and of course it wouldn’t be the Cocktails and Vibes experience if shots weren’t involved.


and many more.


We require 2-3 weeks for each booking.



We will refuse to serve anyone at the booking who is or appears to be excessively drunk, under the influence of drugs or uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards the Cocktails and Vibes team and other guests. The Cocktails and Vibes team also reserve the right to cancel the booking at any time if in our opinion unruly or troublesome behaviour has arisen or is likely to arise during the booking.



Any damage or breakage to any glassware and/or equipment caused by customers will incur a £10 damage fee per item.



Arianne's Cake House - Once the cake has been delivered and accepted by the customer, we are no longer liable for the condition or any damage caused to the cake, be it by negligence or otherwise. We will also have pictures of the cake upon arrival. Love Nosh - We accept no liability for any food supplied to the customer by Love Nosh. Love Nosh will endeavour to provide suitable adaptions to the customers menu for any guests with special dietary requirements or allergies. We cannot however take responsibility for any guests unless advised in advance (no less than 48 hours prior to the booking).



Sufficient access to the venue prior to the start of the booking to provide and assemble the required goods and equipment . We will also require sufficient time between the ending of the booking to enable all goods and equipment are dismantled, removed and loaded into our vehicle.



This will be included in the remaining fee after the deposit has been made. Will be calculated according to how many miles from our location.


Terms and Conditions

Please note that if you are booking with us, you and your guests must be 21+.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to consume alcohol at our bookings. We would suggest that anyone who looks or could be thought to be under the age of 25 must show photographic ID/proof of age at the booking or they will be refused service and WILL NOT BE ISSUED A REFUND.



Deposits will be deducted from the total price of your chosen booking. Please note that bookings are NON- REFUNDABLE, so please be sure before making your booking.
The deposit is 50% of the total cost!
Terms and conditions are automatically accepted upon deposit.

Remaining amount: MUST BE PAID 1 WORKING DAY BEFORE THE EVENT. Full payments before event are also welcomed.



Please make sure that yourself and your guests arrive on time for your booking. If there is a possibility that yourself or your guests are running late please notify us via email at your earliest convenience. Sessions that start later than 30 minutes after the scheduled time will have a £5 fee added on as a late fee. If the session is up to 1 HOUR late, we will have to cancel the booking.


“I liked how nice and friendly the girls were. They created a great atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. I enjoyed the games we played."

"The games were very interactive and shots were provided. The C&V hosts kept their energy throughout the games session, which made a massive difference. They made all of my guests comfortable to let loose."

The masterclass was great, very informative. The hosts demonstrated and took us through step by step what we should do. We learnt a lot.

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